After lurking around and mainly reading what others had to say I finally got around at making my own shiny blog.

Since the launch of WAR I’ve played a few hours but nothing close to what I would have if real life did not get in the way. I must say this is not a bad thing because in the past I often had the bad habit to literally pass my life on games. WAR offers the possibility to just play a little bit sometimes with my mate when I feel like it and doesn’t requires you to pass huge amount of hours to actually achieve something. I can log in, queue for a scenario while doing a few quests then when I’m done I can log out with no remorse.

We’ve been mostly testing the Destruction side because it has more appeal for us, back in Wow we already played Horde, Wonderland is not really for us, we prefer the darker side of games where you get to play the bad guys.

I started by trying out the Shaman class and the feel of it is really nice, I was a little bit disappointed because I wanted a class that was really able to DPS more than heal, but I was looking at this class from the wrong angle. Shaman is all about healing and DPS is really a second ability that is more useful to be able to better your heal than to actually do damage. When casting DPS spells you add points up to 5 and when you cast a healing spell those points are spend to improve either the casting speed or its effectiveness if it is an instant spell. At the moment my shaman is Rank17 and that is how i feel but maybe it will change later in the game. Still I really like the Greenskins, particularly Goblins who were really well designed in looks and also in animations and sounds, the same applies to the Greenskin Tier1 which i absolutely loved.

The next class i decided to try was the Marauder, I think that Chaos is completely bad ass, finally an MMO that does Evil Human justice. My mate decided to roll a Zealot to play with me and in scenario we really teared everyone apart, especially weak classes like the Bright Wizard could not really do anything against my DPS and having a healing battery behind me rendered me totally unkillable. Chaos Tier1 was also really enjoyable the quests are not too boring and you don’t get that grind feeling you could get in Wow for example. With our duo we mostly did scenarios and that made quite a good amount of experience as well as a few laughter on TS when we would crush the enemy zerg. We even looted a few pieces of equipments and unlocked the “The Mauler” title that is granted after having killed 100 people in RvR.

The last class I chose to test was the sorcerer. I always remembered in the old days of DAoC being killed by mages and i though that I’d give this class a try because it must be well interesting in RvR. The sorcerer mechanic is interesting to say the least, each time you cast a spell you fill an orb up to 100. This value ups your critical chance of spell but has a drawback, each time you cast a spell it has a chance to backlash at you damaging you. The sorcerer being weak this can be a problem but if in RvR you have the chance to have a healer behind you, it is possible to make a lot of damage. I only played this class to Rank7 but there is no doubt i will continue to play that character.

This is my first post so I want to introduce myself a little bit, my name is Leo and I’m from a little city in Switzerland. I’m 24 years old and I work as software engineer in a small company called Syderal which designs and produces electrical equipments for satellites. I’ve been playing MMORPG’s for a long time, I started out in Ultima Online and tested nearly all MMO that ever existed: Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Anarchy Online, World of Warcraft, Starwars Galaxies, Lineage 2 and a load of free ones that were not particularly good. Basically I’m a huge MMO fan and I will continue to be for a long time I think!

For everyone playing on the European servers I found this thread on Warhammer Alliance where the GOA staff keeps us updated to what is happening : MagnusK Thread

See you soon i hope !


3 Responses to “First!”

  1. Well hi there! Thanks for the blogroll mention, I shall instantly reciprocate!

    I grew up in Geneva (though it’s been a long time since I’ve been back) so yes, even in Switzerland people play games! 😀

  2. Hi there,

    cool name you picked for your blog 😛

    good luck and keep it coming

    greetings from zurich

  3. Thank you Adama! I’m from Neuchatel for the record 😉

    See you

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