Around the Web #1

In “Around the Web” I will ,whenever I feel like it, report interesting articles I find around that talks about Warhammer Online or other things.

So here we go for the first edition!

Being a software engineer I wanted to look at addon making so i promptly went to The Warwiki API page to get some infos on how to get going. Next I needed an idea, so I’m going to try and make an outfitter addon that lets you make sets of Tactics and Morale abilities that let you easily switch them between combats depending if you are going to RvR or PvE for example. I know this addon is not of a tremendous help but at least I have a clear objective on which to focus and maybe I’ll be able to finish this project. Stay tuned for more infos about this addon soon.

I took the time to update a little my blogroll as well as the links with a few new nice ones i found cruising around.

This week-end in Neuchâtel, my lovely city, is the traditional “Fête des Vendanges” or Wine Harvest Fest. Basically the city is rammed with alchohol selling bars and everyone gets drunk, yuppy! So I doubt I’ll be able to play any WAR or update my blog. See you on Monday


3 Responses to “Around the Web #1”

  1. arbitrary Says:

    Hi and welcome to the bunch of crazy WAR bloggers!

  2. woohoo Im in here 😀

  3. @Arbitrary : Thank you for the warm welcome 🙂

    @Raidenn : Yeah I though I’d add the good blogs around to my blogroll !

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