Crazy Week-End

Back to work after this fantastic week-end of drunkery!

I could not play much only a few hours but my lovely Spingut is now Rank18 and he’s just at the last hub before T3! I can’t wait to see how it looks 🙂

I also played a few hours with my marauder along my zealot mate. We are now in T2 and scenarios are not as easy to win anymore, previously in T1 we would tear down Order quite easily with him healing me while rushing in the zerg! Still having a lot of fun with the marauder career.

Soon I’ll start doing Mastery analysis for classes I play, describing talents that are worth it and such. Stay Tuned!

I did some research for my addon project and I found out that someone just released the exact addon I wanted to create so here it is. I did not test it at the moment but I watched the source code and it looks like the guy is really smart :p ! And now I must find a new idea for an addon to make…

I hope Mythic start fixing the game client soon, I’m experiencing some bad lags sometimes in scenarios or open RvR and it really looks like it is the client fault.


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