Altdorf under attack on Karak Eight Peak!

This shocking news is brought up to you in this thread on Warhammer Alliance.

Apparently the forces of Destruction managed to captures all Tier4 Keeps and got access to Altdorf. The forces of Order had barely anyone able to defend because it looks like a lot of destruction power leveled to 40 and there were not enough players from the opposite rank.

In the post most people are crying for nerf and I must say I’m a little bit surprised that it was done so fast, some people stated that it was way harder in the Beta. I can’t comment on that tho because I did not participate in it.

The Tier4 Keep were also apparently really easy to take and player did not even need to break the second door to access the Lord but by simply using the postern door. This looks like a bug that should be fixed soon I hope.

Of course the attackers could not fight the King and kill him because Capital siege is done in different phases.

  • Phase 1 – The Attackers must capture all the Tier4 Keeps.  These keeps are chained, meaning that you must capture the first one then the second is unlocked and free to capture.
  • Phase 2 – At this point the city becomes contested and the attackers enters the first zone which is the “War Quarter”.
    • This is a scenario type of encounter which is a 75vs75 players battle.
    • While playing this scenario each team earns Victory point.
    • When enough points are earned by the attackers during the time given the city is then captured. If the attackers fail the event is reset and ends.
  • Phase 3 – Pillage and Looting
    • The real RvR is then finished, players get access to special PQs, Quests and Dungeons inside the enemy city.
    • Various PQs must be done and when finished the access to the King is given. The King event is actually a 24 players raid and should give really good rewards.

Of course players who had their city sacked are not left without a home. During the whole time that the attack event is taking place, it lasts for 12hours, the defenders have at their disposal a fortified part of the city where they are not attackable which contains the basic facilities. Banks, Trainers etc…

Once a capital city is captured the defenders must rely on the black market to buy items or services and so the prices are higher than normal.

Having said all of this I must say this is the first MMORPG in which I really see the staff working and in no other game there has been so much information given to the community and hot fixes done. This game is really in its baby steps phase and the first patch will soon be applied to the servers. Not speaking about the nice addition deeply asked by the community to be able to queue for all scenarios no matter where you are lcoated.

I have faith that Mythic will work hard to keep the game balanced and with less flaws as possible. After all they are responsible for the fantastic Dark Age of Camelot and they know how to handle RvR.


2 Responses to “Altdorf under attack on Karak Eight Peak!”

  1. The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  2. Heya, I’ve enjoyed reading your site. I’ve heard some people are more engaged when learning visually so perhaps consider adding a few videos to your blog posts 🙂

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