Which Career?

I’ve always been a big MMO player, I tried most of them and often for a long time. Ultima Online, Everquest, Lineage, Asheron’s Call, Anarchy Online, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft and now Warhammer Online. I guess I’ve forgotten a few but that doesn’t matter you get the picture. In most of these games I would often create one single character after a few research or sometimes I would just chose on the spot and go for it but I really rarely played more than one character. I would only reroll when reaching maximum level with my main character.

But life changes, I finished my degree in computer sciences, got a job, bought a car and met my other half! All of this means I hardly have any free time left anymore, it is not bad because I really enjoy all of these changes but it also means I can’t play as much anymore. My vision of PC games also changed, there is no way I’d pass hours and days on them anymore, this is just not possible, I only play a few hours here and there when my schedule permits. The good side of that is I really enjoy it when I’m playing, much more than when I would pass way too many hours and I don’t get bored so fast as well.

You must be wondering why I tell you all this, well it is because I realised after approximately three weeks post launch my highest character is only Rank18. In the past I would already be Rank40, no doubt about that and that feels great because it means I’ll be able to play WAR longer before getting bored of it, because WAR as good as it is, is still a computer game and I always get bored of them after some time. I also changed the way I play, instead of focusing on one single character I’m playing several, four actually but that is only on the Destruction.

You can see the characters I play on the side panel, there is also the Wardb profiler link on them. I really enjoy all of them but surprisingly the only one that bother me a little bit is the highest rank character, which is Spingut my shaman. I guess it is because before I could test WAR I read a little bit on the shaman and I pictured this career as a DPS Ranged that can heal a little bit but it is more like a Healer that can DPS a little bit. I’ll still play him sometime but I don’t think he will become my main.

I also play a marauder Wargoth, this guy is awesome deals out huge amount of damage, can do plenty of AoE and his mutated arm looks cool. This character was made to play with my mate who plays a zealot, this combination is really good in RvR and PvE alike. This guy can’t really be my main because I only play him when my mate is around and that’s not often with our schedule.

The last one in the family is Lorgir my Chosen, I won’t lie, I created him simply because I though Chosen look waaaay too good to pass on that. I’ve never been a tank player, I had a warrior in WoW but he was always speced DPS for PvP. Lorgir is only rank13 at the moment but I’m having a ton of fun, the guy can DPS of course not as well as my marauder but still he has a huge great weapon and that looks badass with his armor.

I had to made another character, three is just not enough… and that was a sorcerer, Leoneth. I had to have a mage, and magus did not really appeal much to me, certainly something to do with their disc riding! I did not play him much but I kick ass in scenarios already and I’m only Rank6.

At the moment my main will be Lorgir but maybe it will change in a few Rank, It is still only the beginning! I’ll see!


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