Frustration is bad

I got some time to play yesterday so I hopped on my Chosen to do some gaming. I did a few quests and then I noticed that the mobs that I had to kill for my quests were starting to become challenging Rank 16 and me being Rank14 Chosen and not exactly a DPS queen I figured it was time to farm scenarios. I did a couple Phoenix Gate and a few Mourkain Temple and we lost all of them, it was quite frustrating, add to this that I’m not really good at playing a tank in RvR yet and you can understand I got a bit frustrated.

What really got to me was that we only encountered Order teams that were Rank20-21 with a few Rank16-17 and well organized apparently. Destruction was full of lower Ranks that were just getting slaughtered because no one did any teamwork, don’t get me wrong tho I know that it was bad luck but at Rank14 being chosen and hitting on people that do not lose hit points gets old, fast.. Also I must figure how to keep better track of my guarded target as well as to apply the guard faster, I often found myself hitting on nothing because I had to focus on targeting someone and setting my guard.

And then the REAL frustration started, because I decided I wanted some PQ action, yes I needed some PvE to ease my RvR frustration. So I went and joined the team that was doing that PQ involving spiders in Chaos T2,  Silkens.

At this point I already noticed that the loading of the game took way too long compared to before, so I though it was the proximity of the open RvR zone and the keep assault that was going on there. I kept doing a few more PQs but each time that the PQ would end I’d get those really really bad freezes, for like 30 seconds, keep in my mind I have a top notch computer and a 8800 GTX GeForce GFX Card, there’s no way my computer should be freezing like that, I got a bit angry to say the least, but a good beer eased the pain. Anyway after a while it got too old and after a few reboot I decided to remove all my addons, I add quite a few. And that did it! The game was fluid again and enjoyable OMGBBQ I though! I could then proceed to max my influence and get my nice reward this tanking belt.

I then added again only the vital addons which are CleanUnitFrames, SellJunk, zMM, WhinySpellTimer and of course the awesome Waaaghbar and reloaded my UI, everything was still fine so I shouted “Huzzah!”. By the way you can find all of them over at Curse.

The frustration had disappeared and I realised that for me a game that is really enjoyable is not only a good gameplay and content but no freezes or technical issues as well is a really important factor, it really bores me to death having to stand there waiting for a freeze to end.


One Response to “Frustration is bad”

  1. RvR coop issues are basically narrowed down to 3 things.. you don’t listen to me.. i don’t listen to you.. and no one listens to us..

    For people that pug (aka join solo) RvR just know that its going to be a cluster.. once you want to commit to RvR grab some guild’ies and or some people (mainly a decent healer) and form a party.. and que in as a party..

    blaming random healer x who just happens to not know their job in scenario y isnt getting you anywhere..

    but talking to party healer “bob” after a successful or unsuccessful scenario may yield better results, you mite just find out that the key to winning everything is keeping your healer alive…

    why.. how many times has your healer been ganked by 1 person.. with 3 people protecting the healer 4>1 = death for other side = points for us = win.

    Best offense is a good defense and all that.

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