Order wants you!

Everywhere I go I can read posts saying “Order is being out numbered, we can’t cope”. Well sure most of the servers got more destruction players, I don’t know if it is because of the popularity of this side or something else but on my server Karak-Azgal destruction ain’t dominating, we might be more but like we say “Quantity is not Quality” and that never been so true. Attracting people is good, attracting too many people is bad.

To picture the state of my server, we do not own one single keep in tier2. That might not be horrible but even when we try to get one, order get there and defend and that makes it hard for us to advance. Scenarios in tier2 is a pain as well, first of all the only one that get played is Mourkain Temple, that is quite annoying since they added the possibility to join all scenarios only one gets played, that is a bit weird isn’t it? Second, we lose nearly every time, yesterday I played like 6-8 scenarios,and well the result was not so great, we won only one. At some point we had 6 shamans in a scenarios, sure it is great plenty heal! but no dps whatsoever… It was still fun because I was playing with my mate’s Disciple of Khaine, we were both Rank20 so we had the edge of rank but we would still get raped by the gazillion Bright Wizard lighting our butt.

This game is great because even if Order might be less in number, scenarios doesn’t care about it because the numbers are fixed. We might have an advantage over them in open RvR but I’m not even sure because it looks like they have good guilds and alliance, maybe we do as well, being rank20 I can’t really tell.

We might be one of the few servers were destruction will be slapped around, not that is a bad thing, could make the game more challenging and that is good.


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