Around the Web #2

Its time for a new “Around the Web”! Here we go :

  • First of all Warhammer is so pretty I decided to create a page where I could post my various pictures of the game. You can check it here or on the page menu on the right.
  • An article over at Classy Gamer declares that even Death Knight won’t be anything evil in Wow. I agree with him and I think that Mythic did a really good job at rendering real EVIL in their game.
  • Malitas from Da’ Toughest had some odd experience he could see the order player chatting. You can read about it here.
  • Hudson tries to find a way to fix casual player dilemna. Are the instancing killing communities? Should we go back to having less of them so people are obliged to interact ?  Also he has an awesome EQ screenshot that brings back quite a few memories!
  • Stunty Stomper speaks about dyes. Being myself a huge fan of this system I can only recommend reading about it!
  • After the attack on Altdorf that happened on the Averheim server Order proclaimed they won’t let that happen again and united to form an alliance capable of repelling Destruction armies.
  • Rog posted about the little things he likes and dislikes in War. Read it here.
  • Syp found a way to reduce stuttering in game. You can try it yourself over there. I’m going to do it as well. I also read somewhere that turning off grass could help tremendously.
  • If you read sometimes this blog maybe you noticed that I liked making addons, well I have two main projects at the moment which are Guard Me! which helps to track guard for tanks and displays an alert for the other careers when you are being guarded and Mechanic Alert! which displays a message when your career mechanic is full. I should be working with the author of the awesome Waaaghbar soon as well, I’ll keep you informed when I know more.
  • Also just wanted to let you know that the following games are about to get released and they look good : Left 4 Dead (Preview here), Dead Space (This game looks promising you can find a preview here) and of course Fallout 3 (preview here)

That’s all folks !


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