State of The Game #1

Mark Jacobs just released the first “State of the Game” for Warhammer Online. And guys we have some VERY good news coming our way. Mark Jacobs has been really listening closely to the community feedback and he has done a really good job at it. Most of the changes that are coming are mostly done because of us, the players, gave feedback on some aspects we did not like. And they were heard!

Without anymore delay here are the major points of the document you can see here.

  • We will have two new careers in December that’s right folks : the Black Guard and the Knight of the Blazing Sun.
  • Many fixes to the career will be done. Most of them will NOT be nerfs but buffs to the different abilities.
  • Some improvements will be made to the client to eliminate the stuttering and CTD, as well as improving the performances on low spec machines.
  • The mail system will be reworked to be less cumbersome.
  • RvR items will be boosted as well as the drop chance for them.
  • Influence like system will be added for RvR.
  • The reward received for Assaulting or Defending in RvR will be improved.
  • The chat system will be improved to add item linking.
  • The targeting system will be improved to add “Target of Target” and “Main Assist”.
  • Server transfers will be offered from low to medium population servers to help out even them.
  • More content will be added to the game including : 2 new lairs, fourteen entire new quest chain and many tome unlocks.

This sounds really good and I’m very excited to say the least. Adding two new careers this fast in the game life is really awesome. You guys at Mythic are really doing a wonderful job at listening the community and for that I thank you because it improves my gaming experience like never before and I know what I’m speaking about I played enough other MMOs. I just hope this is not just fluff but if I take a look at what was accomplished since the launch of WAR I doubt it!


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