Let’s Fix it!

The game is evolving fast, that is a fact. If you look at the average MMO out there most of the time you have to wait at least one month to see a patch applied to the game. Well it is not the case with War and I like it, that means they are really babysitting their game, they look at what is not going well and fix it, fast. And when you get the CEO of Mythic, Mark Jacobs, actually asking and answering himself to the players it is even better.

Call me whatever you want but it is only recently that I discovered f13. It is a big community and Mark Jacobs actively posts there. Being a late comer to the party I did some reading to catch up and he says some great things.

One of the comment he posted following his State of the Game really made me happy :

We are going to boost RvR like crazy, it’s going to be the place to be. You’d have to have 10 tons of brain damage not to go open RvR.

Recently I figured that scenarios was not really the thing I liked the most in the game. It is not horrible I enjoy it sometimes with friends. Maybe it is because of my past in Wow and the hate I have for BGs, in which I spent countless hours grinding, but I feel disconnected when playing scenarios. I really prefer having to go to the open RvR zone, much like in DAoC where you had to go to the frontiers. Also scenarios are really restrictive, you have an objective and logically most of the time you focus on it and that somewhat lessen the freedom you have in Open RvR zones. When you have to organize a group and go siege a keep it feels way more like WAR should, that is what excites me in this game.

But we all know that there are still some things that need to be fixed so I tough I’d make my list.

  • Scenarios Queue. Adding the possibility to queue for all the tier scenarios was a really good move but now, at least on my server, we are experiencing the issue that it is always the same scenarios that pops up. Fix that, Mourkain Temple is starting to make me crazy.
  • The delay you get when using morale ability and abilities in general. I’d like to cast a spell when I actually click on the icon not 2 seconds later.
  • Do something about the animations, some of them are seriously ugly and not properly synced. This is a detail but it really helps the game immersion.
  • Fix the UI. There are still plenty bugs hidden in the UI, you can type /debug and play for a while you’ll start to see plenty of error messages popping up. While you are at it, improve the API so the addon makers get more possibilities to alter the original interface.
  • Improve the mail system. At the moment it is way too slow to read your mail or take items from them, seriously look at WoW for this they have done it right.
  • The stuttering sometimes is really bad, I’ve a high end computer which can run the latest games at high quality and I don’t get any stuttering, yet in War I sometime can barely play. There must be some memory leaks or something is not properly optimized. This really lowers the overall enjoyment of playing War. Also waiting 5minutes after having left the game so you’re computer can unload memory to let you use it again is boring.
  • Don’t let the players the ability to solo in scenarios. This is about teamwork and that just goes against it.

That’s all for my list at the moment, I’m still enjoying  War but if those little quirks could get fixed, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be sometime soon, the game would be really better!


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