Possible technical improvement

I’ve been checking the french War community website jeuxonline.info, on these forums there are two community manager working for GoA that responds to questions and gives feedback or bug reports back to Mythic.

Recently some player pointed out that the file “data.myp” located at the root of the Warhammer Online directory was growing and growing. Someone reported having a file size of 450Gb!! So I checked mine and I discovered that it weighted 3.5Gb, that is not overly big but still when you find out that the original file size is around 50Mb it is quite surprising.

One of the community manager reported that the fix for this is simple, just delete your “data.myp” file and let the patcher get a new one for you that weights 47Mb.

After having done that I noticed surprisingly that my game felt less stuttered but I could not extensively test it. So if anyone feels like trying, go ahead and report the results.

The guy over on the forum reported the problem to Mythic and apparently a fix is on the way.

PS: Maybe you noticed I’ve been in a long fight with the top *”ç%&ç*& banner. I blow at graphic customizing but I think I finally figured how to make an acceptable banner… If you have any advices or suggestions for it I’ll accept them gladly.


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  1. […] WAR’s data.myp file has a tendency to bloat, which can cause problems. I immediately checked out the size of my own file (57meg), so while […]

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