Rest from War

I just wanted to make an update on my advancement in WAR.
I’ve mostly stopped playing my shaman because honestly I did not really enjoy it, he’s rank22 some aspects of the career are awesome and goblin really rocks but maybe heals should be buffed because I hardly can keep someone alive in RvR. It gets frustrating when you can’t keep people alive!

I’ve been playing my Marauder and enjoying it. The career is fun and I like doing damage more than healing I think. Yesterday I hit rank23 and just entered Tier3 so I had plenty of PvE to do, I started by maxing the influence in Chapter10 then I did some quests and worked my way in Chapter11.

At some point I joined with some guy and this ended by becoming a nice warband so we did all of the PQ of Chapter11. One was really cool, Army of Faith, in this one you are outside of a gigantic monastery and first you have to kill the peasants around. When that step is done you can enter the monastery where you have to kill a few warpriests. During the last step you have to kill a witch hunter who is apparently the boss of the church. I though the scenery was really cool and well designed, alas the loot was quite crappy for me.

In the following days I’ll be taking a break from WAR because I have some other games that I have to test.

  • Dead Space
  • Fallout3, was ordered and is on its way by mail
  • NHL 09 not shipped yet

That means I have some work on my hands for the following week I guess. I’ll be playing some scenarios but not as much as before. I’ll post a small review of these games soon.


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