Busy Gaming

atari-cx-40-256x256I’ve been taking a break from WAR since Friday. I like the game but there are so many others getting released that need to be tested! At the moment my list looks like that : Dead Space, Fallout 3, Left4Dead Demo and NHL09(This will probably get ditched from my list it is not that good). Of course this is not taking into account the game that will be released soon : Call of Duty 5, Mirror’s Edge and later Left4Dead and The Chronicles of Spellborn.

Fallout3 is really awesome, the developers did a wonderful job at making a world that is enormous. I mean you can walk in the wastes for a long time then find a school go inside, spend at least 30 minutes clearing it and exploring just to get out to find more. The possibilities are endless. On top of that the skill & perks system, while not being overly new, is really well done.

The story is deep, you have plenty of quests to do, I barely started the main quest because I was mostly doing the side ones and just basically running around. I really like the combat system, It feels like it is better than Oblivion by a mile. This is really a good game, kudos to Bethesda.

Left4Dead was the other game I’ve been playing mostly this last week-end. With mates and voice coms this is incredibly fun, adding to this slaughtering hordes of zombies while drinking a few beers, this game can’t go wrong. It is good but not perfect, there are still a few bugs that I hope will be fixed for releases but generally speaking the gameplay is really good.

Dead Space is on hold for the moment as well as NHL 09. Don’t really know why I ordered this one, sounded good on paper but in reality it is quite poor. It is blatantly a console port, some screens even tells you to use the “X” or “Y” button… I can’t stand that and it doesn’t support my native wide screen resolution.

If you like small web games, I discovered on some blog can’t remember which tho, “Kingdom of Loathing”, an awesome little RPG game which is funny as hell! I suggest you try it if you are stuck at work like me!


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