Small update!

atari-cx-40-256x256Maybe you are wondering what the hell I’ve been up to recently? No? Bah OK I’ll say anyway !
The short answer is a lot of Fallout3 and not a lot of free time, I’ve been busy at work and didn’t really want to play WAR. I’m still waiting anxiously for that patch 1.0.5 hoping it will improve the game. I’ve been thinking about rolling a Squig Herder recently, the career looks fun, goblin rocks and they are going to get boosted with the next patch. Also I figured that the part in the game where I have the more fun is in the first tiers.

On another note Left4Dead has just been released and I didn’t have a chance to test it yet. So that means I have some zombie bashing to do when I get the chance. I guess I’ll have to postpone my WAR activities for the next week because I’ve received an invitation for the “The Chronicles of Spellborn” beta test, I already finished the client download just need to patch and I can give it a try. Of course the game’s still under NDA so I will not be able to give you much information… The game should be released the 27Th November.

If all this planned gaming was not enough, a good mate of mine, which played WAR with me got suck back to good ol’ Azeroth… I know I said numerous times that I would never touch Wow again, but having a mate to play with is really better than soloing an MMO, so I’ve been wondering if I should get WOTLK, even tho my Girlfriend would not be too happy, she is an anti-Wow person! I already have a Horde Shaman, a Warrior and a Warlock that are level 70. The shaman is my preferred character so I could jump right in, thing is I’d just do the quests to level 80 not sure If I could be arsed to play after that seeing the grind it is… I’ll think more about this.


2 Responses to “Small update!”

  1. morphling Says:

    Go ahead and try WotLK mate. It is nothing like they made before.
    The quests, story line, cinematics, new mechanics are awesome. No game crashes ever (hint-hint).
    From a first perspective they seem to have reduced the grind issue a bit, at least as far as reputation is concerned, with the new tabard mechanism.

  2. I guess I will but first I need to do some zombie bashing :p !
    Wow has this thing that gets you sucked in, I want some of it, even if it is just playing the quests till 80.

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