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Mechanic Alert! Version 0.2

Posted in WAR - Addon with tags , , on 4 October, 2008 by Leo

This morning I got around testing my addon and it was a major epic fail. The addon did not work at all…

I modified it and released version 0.2, this time it is working(really I tested it!) and I also added a few features.

  • Now also supporting the Archmage career
  • Added a text display to WSCT if the addon is present

The sound played is not really good and in the heat of battle could be hard to hear that’s why I added the text display. I do not have the ability to add my own sound at the moment so I need to wait for Mythic to change their API, for the time being we are stuck with that sound sorry!

You can grab the addon over there. Please report any bugs or give me suggestion if you have any!


Addon idea

Posted in WAR - Addon on 3 October, 2008 by Leo

I found another idea for an addon, it is not astonishing but someone on Warhammer Alliance wanted an addon that plays a sound when the career mechanic is at maximum. So I created something that could do it but It was not tested in-game yet because I’m still stuck at work.

You can get Mechanic Alert! Here If you find any bugs I beg you(really) to post a ticket over there explaining the problem please. This helps tremendously in the developement of addons. Any that are hosted on curse also have this system so if you find any bug in addons don’t hesitate to post a ticket and explain the problem as best as you can so the author can look into it.

If anyone got an idea for an addon that is not yet done post a comment and I’ll try to do something if it is possible. Keep in mind that the WAR API is kinda limited at the moment and not a lot of possiblities are given to developers to interact with the game.

On another note tonight is WAR evening for me, my other half will be working and my mate is available! Hopefully we will advance well in T2 with our Zealot/Marauder combo, which I must say works really well. I can’t wait to see if that first patch was successful.