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Posted in WAR - General with tags on 3 November, 2008 by Leo

That’s right, on the 1st November my free time of WAR ended. Of course I resubbed immediately, I can’t say I have an enormous love affair with the game but it has some stuffs right and I enjoy playing it with my mate. It still have issues that have to be fixed and that are annoying, since patch 1.1 I’ve been having CTD’s almost every hour and it’s really not fun when you are trying to complete a dungeon. I have faith in Mythic and I want them to succeed!

Like I said in my previous post I’ve been playing a bit of Dead Space, which by the way is really awesome, a mini review will probably happen sometimes, and Fallout 3 + NHL 09 should arrive soon. Obviously WAR is not my only game these days but I like getting back to it. I want to hit Tier4 and see how that looks still so we are still motivated! At the moment me and my mate’s Disciple of Khaine are respectively Rank25 and 26 so things are going well, we’ve been doing some Gunbad, scenarios and questing.

I hope that the servers transfer will be available for Europe soon because my server looks a bit too empty for my liking. I’m looking forward for the futur fixes, my main issue at the moment is more on the technical sides all these CTD’s and stuttering really has to go because it is annoying to play the game with them.

Some fine chap over at FreddysHouse started a petition for GOA to change their flash website to something better and less demanding on the resources. You should all sign it if you, like me, find the website to be crap. Here. Magnus already answered the community, here is what he had to say :

I’ve passed this petition along to people within GOA and we’ll be following it. Not that it’s really needed – we’re keenly aware of the general perception of our webpage as it is.

Obviously, Community Management have compiled many reports on this topic and we’ve continuously worked for a change. Events have recently taken a turn for the better and I’ve gained renewed hope for a real change. There’s really nothing conclusive I can share on this at the moment but I certainly will as soon as I’m in liberty to do so.

Do know that this is something close to my heart and we’re pulling all the strings we can here.

Hope that we will see changes soon.


Rest from War

Posted in WAR - General on 29 October, 2008 by Leo

I just wanted to make an update on my advancement in WAR.
I’ve mostly stopped playing my shaman because honestly I did not really enjoy it, he’s rank22 some aspects of the career are awesome and goblin really rocks but maybe heals should be buffed because I hardly can keep someone alive in RvR. It gets frustrating when you can’t keep people alive!

I’ve been playing my Marauder and enjoying it. The career is fun and I like doing damage more than healing I think. Yesterday I hit rank23 and just entered Tier3 so I had plenty of PvE to do, I started by maxing the influence in Chapter10 then I did some quests and worked my way in Chapter11.

At some point I joined with some guy and this ended by becoming a nice warband so we did all of the PQ of Chapter11. One was really cool, Army of Faith, in this one you are outside of a gigantic monastery and first you have to kill the peasants around. When that step is done you can enter the monastery where you have to kill a few warpriests. During the last step you have to kill a witch hunter who is apparently the boss of the church. I though the scenery was really cool and well designed, alas the loot was quite crappy for me.

In the following days I’ll be taking a break from WAR because I have some other games that I have to test.

  • Dead Space
  • Fallout3, was ordered and is on its way by mail
  • NHL 09 not shipped yet

That means I have some work on my hands for the following week I guess. I’ll be playing some scenarios but not as much as before. I’ll post a small review of these games soon.

More melee?

Posted in WAR - General with tags on 23 October, 2008 by Leo

Recently I’ve been reading the Ten Ton Hammer interview (part 1, part 2) of Mark Jacobs commenting on the State of the Game. This got me thinking about the careers they are going to add to the game, the Black Guard and the Knight of the Blazing Sun. It is in my opinion a good move because some Order players apparently need the possibility to play a human tank and I was always a big fan of “Weak Dark Elf with awesome armor and weapons”.

More tanks is better in my opinion, because War is one of a few MMO that puts tank not only to use in PvE but in RvR as well, they can take a huge amount of damage and they can effectively block other players from attaining support. They have those awesome defensive abilities that help tremendously and they generally help to hold some kind of front line allowing ranged Dps to do some serious damage.

Maybe you already played a scenario with no tanks, if you did you can confirm that it is often a painful experience. All this to say that adding these two tank careers is a smart move that could held more players to play Order and help to balance the sides population.

The thing is that the other two careers that were supposed to be available at launch were the greenskin “Choppa” and the dwarf “Hammerer”. These careers will be brought back in the game but in the interview Mark says the following :

Let me put it this way, I know what one of them is going to be, and I’m not 100% sure about the second.

One of them is going in for sure and there is a lot of speculation about the other. Some people are saying that the Hammerer might be replaced by something else, the Slayer could be a possibility which would add another cool career to the Order side going further in the same direction as adding the KotBS, yes I like abbreviations.

Since one of the two careers will for sure be a melee DPS we can assume that the other one will also be. That means they will add another two melee career to the already existing lot (Witch Elf & Witch Hunter, Disciple of Khaine & War Priest, Black Orc / Chosen / Black Guard & Ironbreaker / Swordmaster / KotBS and Marauder & White Lion), 12 careers involving melee and that raises it up to 14 if we add the melee DPS careers to be added later. That’s quite a lot to be honest.

That leaves us with the following careers being on the ranged side : Shaman & Archmage, Zealot & Runepriest, Squig Herder & Shadow Warrior, Magus & Engineer and Sorcerer & Bright Wizard.

Maybe it is because I’m a caster lover but I’d really like seeing Mythic add more casters careers, if you take for example DAoC they had plenty of them and that helps to add more flavor to the game, more diversity.

In conclusion I think it does not really bother me having so many melee careers, after all they are awesome as well, I play a Marauder I know what I’m saying. But if Mythic could add more casters sometimes later, in the next expansion for example, that would be nice! Please?

Let’s Fix it!

Posted in WAR - General with tags on 21 October, 2008 by Leo

The game is evolving fast, that is a fact. If you look at the average MMO out there most of the time you have to wait at least one month to see a patch applied to the game. Well it is not the case with War and I like it, that means they are really babysitting their game, they look at what is not going well and fix it, fast. And when you get the CEO of Mythic, Mark Jacobs, actually asking and answering himself to the players it is even better.

Call me whatever you want but it is only recently that I discovered f13. It is a big community and Mark Jacobs actively posts there. Being a late comer to the party I did some reading to catch up and he says some great things.

One of the comment he posted following his State of the Game really made me happy :

We are going to boost RvR like crazy, it’s going to be the place to be. You’d have to have 10 tons of brain damage not to go open RvR.

Recently I figured that scenarios was not really the thing I liked the most in the game. It is not horrible I enjoy it sometimes with friends. Maybe it is because of my past in Wow and the hate I have for BGs, in which I spent countless hours grinding, but I feel disconnected when playing scenarios. I really prefer having to go to the open RvR zone, much like in DAoC where you had to go to the frontiers. Also scenarios are really restrictive, you have an objective and logically most of the time you focus on it and that somewhat lessen the freedom you have in Open RvR zones. When you have to organize a group and go siege a keep it feels way more like WAR should, that is what excites me in this game.

But we all know that there are still some things that need to be fixed so I tough I’d make my list.

  • Scenarios Queue. Adding the possibility to queue for all the tier scenarios was a really good move but now, at least on my server, we are experiencing the issue that it is always the same scenarios that pops up. Fix that, Mourkain Temple is starting to make me crazy.
  • The delay you get when using morale ability and abilities in general. I’d like to cast a spell when I actually click on the icon not 2 seconds later.
  • Do something about the animations, some of them are seriously ugly and not properly synced. This is a detail but it really helps the game immersion.
  • Fix the UI. There are still plenty bugs hidden in the UI, you can type /debug and play for a while you’ll start to see plenty of error messages popping up. While you are at it, improve the API so the addon makers get more possibilities to alter the original interface.
  • Improve the mail system. At the moment it is way too slow to read your mail or take items from them, seriously look at WoW for this they have done it right.
  • The stuttering sometimes is really bad, I’ve a high end computer which can run the latest games at high quality and I don’t get any stuttering, yet in War I sometime can barely play. There must be some memory leaks or something is not properly optimized. This really lowers the overall enjoyment of playing War. Also waiting 5minutes after having left the game so you’re computer can unload memory to let you use it again is boring.
  • Don’t let the players the ability to solo in scenarios. This is about teamwork and that just goes against it.

That’s all for my list at the moment, I’m still enjoying  War but if those little quirks could get fixed, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be sometime soon, the game would be really better!

The dude with the thing

Posted in WAR - General with tags , , on 15 October, 2008 by Leo

PlanetFargo released a comic, a really funny one at that! So I though I’d share it.

PlanetFargo : The dude with the thing

Order wants you!

Posted in WAR - General with tags , , , on 15 October, 2008 by Leo

Everywhere I go I can read posts saying “Order is being out numbered, we can’t cope”. Well sure most of the servers got more destruction players, I don’t know if it is because of the popularity of this side or something else but on my server Karak-Azgal destruction ain’t dominating, we might be more but like we say “Quantity is not Quality” and that never been so true. Attracting people is good, attracting too many people is bad.

To picture the state of my server, we do not own one single keep in tier2. That might not be horrible but even when we try to get one, order get there and defend and that makes it hard for us to advance. Scenarios in tier2 is a pain as well, first of all the only one that get played is Mourkain Temple, that is quite annoying since they added the possibility to join all scenarios only one gets played, that is a bit weird isn’t it? Second, we lose nearly every time, yesterday I played like 6-8 scenarios,and well the result was not so great, we won only one. At some point we had 6 shamans in a scenarios, sure it is great plenty heal! but no dps whatsoever… It was still fun because I was playing with my mate’s Disciple of Khaine, we were both Rank20 so we had the edge of rank but we would still get raped by the gazillion Bright Wizard lighting our butt.

This game is great because even if Order might be less in number, scenarios doesn’t care about it because the numbers are fixed. We might have an advantage over them in open RvR but I’m not even sure because it looks like they have good guilds and alliance, maybe we do as well, being rank20 I can’t really tell.

We might be one of the few servers were destruction will be slapped around, not that is a bad thing, could make the game more challenging and that is good.

Altdorf sacked on Averheim? Are you sure?

Posted in WAR - General with tags , , on 14 October, 2008 by Leo

I think people shouting that Averheim was the first server to capture Altdorf are wrong and do not actually understand how the system works. A post by Andy of Mythic explains what must be done to capture the city in this post. I’ll quote what he says here :

Keep in mind that a city capture is a long, multi-stage process that requires all of the following be satisfied:

  • You must capture two fortresses in tier 4 within 12 hours of each other.
  • To capture those fortresses, you must seize and hold the neutral tier 4 and your opponent’s zone in two of the three racial pairings (after which you only have 60 minutes to capture said racial fortress).

After all of this you fight in a contested, not captured, Altdorf/Inevitable City for control of the city, much in the same manner as a regular zone would be. In the case of Altdorf, after you have secured the city and the defending force is ejected from the city you have one hour to complete the Bright Wizard College and Sigmar’s Temple public quests. In the case of The Inevitable City,The Monolith and The Sacellum. Should you fail to beat these two Encounters within the hour, the city will be reopened to the defenders and they will be allowed to wipe out any attackers left in their City.

  • If you complete the two Encounters as an attacker however, you lock the city down for 20 -24 hours and get access to the King Instance..
  • Contribution points towards the capture of a city are scaled based on the population of both sides, not just one lump sum. This ensures that a defending force with smaller numbers has a fighting chance to hold off the invaders. However, you can overcome the scaling with a sufficiently large force.

In this enormous thread on Warhammer Alliance many Destruction players, including the raid leader of the PRX guild claim having “captured” the city of Altdorf. Actually this is wrong they did not capture the city at all, they mainly succeeded at turning it contested and complete the scenario part. But if you read the explanation quote above you notice that to actually capture the city you have to either complete the Bright Wizard College and Sigmar’s Temple or The Monolith and The Sacellum public quests.

Apparently this was not the case because in this same thread someone says that the timer ran out after they took the temple. At this time the city could not get captured anymore!

Anyway I guess these guys deserve a congrats, they somehow managed to get 300 people wake up early on a Sunday to play a video game, that is quite a performance.

Mythic already stated that they are going to do some fix because some aspect of this capital city siege were not working as intended. Let’s all stay tuned for the next, this time I hope, REAL capital city capture. Show me the emperor head on a pike or it did not happen!