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Patching niceness!

Posted in WAR - Patch with tags on 7 November, 2008 by Leo

k-control-128x128As everyone knows the patch note for 1.0.5 was released. The PTS is being put in place, all in all good stuff is coming our way guys! I just hope the test servers are coming to Europe sooner than later.

Most of the careers changes being small tweaks generally, I won’t comment on them before having tested them. The term slightly increased or decreased is quite vague and I won’t base my though on this.

Here is a list of things that I like :

  • Morale abilities will now be much more responsive. These abilities will now fire immediately when activated by the player on the first attempt. – Finally need more responsiveness
  • Morale abilities will now display their cooldowns correctly at all times.
  • Root effects, with the exception of morale roots, will now grant a 5 second immunity from all roots to the victim when the effect breaks, and in addition will no longer stack with other roots. – Playing a marauder I know how this fix is nice
  • The responsiveness of ability activations has been improved. Players will now see less of a delay between the activation of an ability and the corresponding animation. – Thank god !!
  • To promote population balance among the various scenarios, we have added a feature that reduces the number of times a scenario can launch in a short period of time. This will give scenarios which are launched less frequently an opportunity to catch up in the queue population and launch more often. – W00t!! I hope this works, I was getting really tired of always playing the same scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with the targeting system that could be used by players to gain an unfair advantage. Targeting of friendly players will now work in the same way as using abilities. Players must either use a keyboard key or click with the mouse to acquire a friendly target. To target a monster or NPC, players must click on the target in the world or /assist a friendly player. Players using our default user interface should see no change as a result of this fix. – Good bye mods that targeted for you.
  • Locking the chat window will now persist upon logging out. – Was getting tired to have to lock them myself every time.

I can see that the careers that needed it the most received some love and that can’t be bad. The engineer, magus and skig herder players will probably feel all fuzzy inside !

Can’t wait to have this patch go live, some good things in it. Some other issues still need fixing but this goes in the right direction.

On another note, I created a module for the WarBoard addon which is a Fubar type addon it is basically a bar on top of your screen with various information. Mine shows your Frame Per Second as well as the Average frame per second you can get WarBoard_FPS here.


Do you want some drama with that fix ?

Posted in WAR - Patch with tags , on 16 October, 2008 by Leo

So yesterday the US servers received the patch 1.0.3 and then a lot of drama ensued. Most people are crying on the various forums because one of the major changes of this patch was this:

  • While going over the data collected for renown gained by healing, we discovered a few incorrect values that led to players earning far more renown than designed.  To ensure equal renown gains for players regardless of their chosen career and whether they group or not inside scenarios, we have made several adjustments to the way renown is granted from healing other players:
    • Earning renown from healing players was erroneously granting renown while outside of RvR.  This has been adjusted so getting renown for healing players outside of RvR or from a player that is not RvR flagged will occur less frequently.
    • Healing players will grant renown correctly if the healed player has earned renown from killing other players recently.
  • So first let’s say that this was actually a FIX and not a NERF. I can perfectly understand that healers were gaining too much renown compared to DPS careers. So it needed addressing.

    While checking the various places I found some threads that I absolutely love reading like these. People seem to be deeply impacted by that change, some are even saying they will reroll another career because they don’t like how much renown they are gaining now. I think those people should not be healers in the first place, I for one, don’t play my shaman because the gain of renown I get seems good, but because I actually like the career and all of its aspect. Even if lately I got a bit bored of chain losing Mourkain Temple but that is another issue.

    Some people are also saying they will stop being heal speced and go for DPS, once more if a small change(it is not like you don’t gain any renown anymore, not even close) makes you change the way you play your character like that, you should stop playing mmo altogether because we all know that sometimes changes that gives us more of an impact are implemented and it will not be long before we start seeing balance patches for War. Can’t wait for the drama!

    All in all, this patch was a fast one again and that is not bad at all. I like smaller changes but more often. Now what they REALLY have to fix is not let people be able to solo in scenarios. I mean we are supposed to fight a war and it was like some people said, “Oh you guys bores me I’m going my own way even tho I don’t get the benefits from you”. That really must go because it hurts teamwork.

First patch on the way

Posted in WAR - Patch with tags , on 2 October, 2008 by Leo

Mythic published the patch note for the version 1.01 that should be coming on the servers this week.

Once more we can see that they are actually listening to the community and that feels great!

A lot of little things here and there were fixed but the major changes are

  • No need anymore to scroll down the EUALA but just check the box and click accept
  • The pets behavior should be fixed
  • The UI got some love in particular the chat window was improved
  • An option to auto-loot was added
  • They improved the client stability

I’m really excited by this, it means they are actively working to improve our experience and soon the game will feel more polished. That also means that when they’ll be done with minor improvement they will focus on the actual game and the content.

So far I’ve really been impressed by them in no other MMO have I ever felt the community was listened to this point!

I’ll have some time to play tomorrow and Friday as my other half will be working. I’ll make an adventure report after that! On another note I started a Chosen because I though these guys just looked to awesome to not try them, only Rank4 at the moment but it feels good! More on this later.