Rest from War

Posted in WAR - General on 29 October, 2008 by Leo

I just wanted to make an update on my advancement in WAR.
I’ve mostly stopped playing my shaman because honestly I did not really enjoy it, he’s rank22 some aspects of the career are awesome and goblin really rocks but maybe heals should be buffed because I hardly can keep someone alive in RvR. It gets frustrating when you can’t keep people alive!

I’ve been playing my Marauder and enjoying it. The career is fun and I like doing damage more than healing I think. Yesterday I hit rank23 and just entered Tier3 so I had plenty of PvE to do, I started by maxing the influence in Chapter10 then I did some quests and worked my way in Chapter11.

At some point I joined with some guy and this ended by becoming a nice warband so we did all of the PQ of Chapter11. One was really cool, Army of Faith, in this one you are outside of a gigantic monastery and first you have to kill the peasants around. When that step is done you can enter the monastery where you have to kill a few warpriests. During the last step you have to kill a witch hunter who is apparently the boss of the church. I though the scenery was really cool and well designed, alas the loot was quite crappy for me.

In the following days I’ll be taking a break from WAR because I have some other games that I have to test.

  • Dead Space
  • Fallout3, was ordered and is on its way by mail
  • NHL 09 not shipped yet

That means I have some work on my hands for the following week I guess. I’ll be playing some scenarios but not as much as before. I’ll post a small review of these games soon.


Money, Money!

Posted in MMORPG with tags on 28 October, 2008 by Leo

I was browsing around the web, nothing particular just a few random sites and I stumbled upon a blog’s article speaking about Wow. The guy over at Serial Ganker who wrote the article, which by the way I recommand reading, was saying how he is disgusted by Blizzard because they don’t care about the players anymore and how they just want to milk the cow as much as possible.

And then something struck me.

  • World of Warcraft subscription per month
    • 12.99€ / 13.99$
    • Asian fee is approximatively 0.04$/hour no monthly fee exists
  • Number of World of Warcraft subscribers
    • 10’000’000 in the World
      • 5’500’000 in Asia
      • 2’500’000 in Northern America
      • 2’000’000 in Europe
  • Revenue per month
    • 25’980’000€ / 34’975’000$
  • Revenue per year
    • 311’760’000€ / 419’700’000$
  • Total Revenue
    • 641’896’020€ / 816’038’673$

Of course all of these numbers are approximates that I found on the Internet™. I did not take into account the Asian community as well, which is half the World of Warcraft subscribers, because they do not have a monthly fee but rather a hourly fee which is harder to calculate and I’m tired! The money earned by selling the actual game was discarded, this is only about the fees.

The monthly fee I used is the one announced on the official website but I did not take into account that you pay less if you subscribe for 3 months at once for example.

There is also another thing that must be taken into account, the upkeep of all the servers, building and of course the salaries.

Still Blizzard receives each month A LOT of money, Mythic does too of course, approximately 9’742’500€ / 11’242’500$ per month in comparison, but since not everyone is paying already they did not get much money at the moment.

I never really thought about that and now I clearly see that this business involves a lot of money.

Futur game releases #1

Posted in Gaming with tags , on 24 October, 2008 by Leo

I really like Warhammer and I’m having tons of fun but sometimes it is good to play something else for a while. So when you come back you get this feeling of how awesome the game you left was and you notice the little things that you did not pay attention to before. In the next month plenty of new good games are going to get released so it is just the right period to do just that!

Here is a list of games to look forward to, along the European release date, usually US dates are a few days earlier. I also added some previews from the various gaming site around.

  • Dead Space – 24/10/2008 : Survival Horror in Space
    Reviews : 1, 2, 3
    My Opinion: I’ve always been a big fan of the survival horror genre in movies, I love being scared and apparently Dead Space does just that. The game has just been released in Europe today so I could not test it yet but I’ve read numerous reports saying that it is really scary. Recommended to play at late hours in the dark with sound pumped up for maximum effect!
  • Red Alert 3 – 28/10/2008 : Real Time Strategy
    Previews : 1, 2
    My Opinion: What can I say about this? Well I remember playing the original game when I was a young guy, those Tesla towers, the nukes and of course the actors played cinematic how can you forget them! I was quite a fan and I hope they can restore some of that with the new one. They still have actors, well should I say babes ? playing in the cinematic and the ever going fight between the Allied, the Soviet and the Empire of the Rising Sun.
  • Fallout 3 – 31/10/2008 : Futurist Role Playing Game
    Previews : 1, 2
    My Opinion: I must admit that I never got to really play the old Fallout games released in the 1990 but this new one looks promising. You start the game in a post apocalyptic Washington DC and you must find your way through the city. There is lot of freedom you can wander around and kill mutants! There are the usual quests and NPC that you can talk to. Also the targeting system seems interesting, you can either engage monsters the traditional FPS way going gun blazing or you can engage the VATS targeting mode which pauses the game and let you pick parts of the enemy body to aim for, you have a limited number of action points that are used in this mode though.
  • NHL 09 – 31/10/2008 : Ice Hockey Simulation
    Rreviews : 1, 2
    My Opinion: The reviews are for the xbox360 version but the game should be the same on the PC. I’m a big ice hockey fan, I’ve played it a long time when I was younger as a goalie and I had a blast. The older NHL games always made you change player and manage the whole team and I usually found that a bit too much for my liking. EA did something really nice in this game, centering the game around one player that you are, creating him much like a RPG character you would play in a fantasy world but here you play an ice hockey player. The coach gives you advice how to play and keeping your position instead of skating after the puck is more rewarding. Also they added the possibility to play online with others to play multiple matches, you can even take the goalie position I can wait to try it out!
  • Wrath of the Lich King – 13/11/2008 : Fantasy MMORPG
    Previews : 1
    My Opinion: I won’t lie before playing Warhammer I played Wow extensively, I was in a big military guild doing raids from 8pm to midnight every day but Saturday. That was somewhat fun, because we went to all the big dungeons at the time, Mount Hyjal and Black Temple mainly. On the other side, if you missed a raid the management would get mad at you and the general atmosphere in the guild was more centered around loot and boss killing than having fun together as a team. After a few months I got really bored and it became a burden to have to log on every evening, the fun was just not there anymore, so I stopped. To be honest I’m done with Wow so I did not really read about the expansion but the few that I’ve seen looks to me being more leveling and grind, nothing more.

I had planned to speak about more games namely CoD5, Mirror’s Edge or Left 4 Dead but this article is already too long to my liking so I’ll do that in a later post someday next week!

That’s it for this issue, some really good games are coming our way and I can’t wait to test them out. Of course War will always be my home base where I always come back for some RvR fun!

Possible technical improvement

Posted in WAR - Technical with tags , , , on 23 October, 2008 by Leo

I’ve been checking the french War community website, on these forums there are two community manager working for GoA that responds to questions and gives feedback or bug reports back to Mythic.

Recently some player pointed out that the file “data.myp” located at the root of the Warhammer Online directory was growing and growing. Someone reported having a file size of 450Gb!! So I checked mine and I discovered that it weighted 3.5Gb, that is not overly big but still when you find out that the original file size is around 50Mb it is quite surprising.

One of the community manager reported that the fix for this is simple, just delete your “data.myp” file and let the patcher get a new one for you that weights 47Mb.

After having done that I noticed surprisingly that my game felt less stuttered but I could not extensively test it. So if anyone feels like trying, go ahead and report the results.

The guy over on the forum reported the problem to Mythic and apparently a fix is on the way.

PS: Maybe you noticed I’ve been in a long fight with the top *”ç%&ç*& banner. I blow at graphic customizing but I think I finally figured how to make an acceptable banner… If you have any advices or suggestions for it I’ll accept them gladly.

More melee?

Posted in WAR - General with tags on 23 October, 2008 by Leo

Recently I’ve been reading the Ten Ton Hammer interview (part 1, part 2) of Mark Jacobs commenting on the State of the Game. This got me thinking about the careers they are going to add to the game, the Black Guard and the Knight of the Blazing Sun. It is in my opinion a good move because some Order players apparently need the possibility to play a human tank and I was always a big fan of “Weak Dark Elf with awesome armor and weapons”.

More tanks is better in my opinion, because War is one of a few MMO that puts tank not only to use in PvE but in RvR as well, they can take a huge amount of damage and they can effectively block other players from attaining support. They have those awesome defensive abilities that help tremendously and they generally help to hold some kind of front line allowing ranged Dps to do some serious damage.

Maybe you already played a scenario with no tanks, if you did you can confirm that it is often a painful experience. All this to say that adding these two tank careers is a smart move that could held more players to play Order and help to balance the sides population.

The thing is that the other two careers that were supposed to be available at launch were the greenskin “Choppa” and the dwarf “Hammerer”. These careers will be brought back in the game but in the interview Mark says the following :

Let me put it this way, I know what one of them is going to be, and I’m not 100% sure about the second.

One of them is going in for sure and there is a lot of speculation about the other. Some people are saying that the Hammerer might be replaced by something else, the Slayer could be a possibility which would add another cool career to the Order side going further in the same direction as adding the KotBS, yes I like abbreviations.

Since one of the two careers will for sure be a melee DPS we can assume that the other one will also be. That means they will add another two melee career to the already existing lot (Witch Elf & Witch Hunter, Disciple of Khaine & War Priest, Black Orc / Chosen / Black Guard & Ironbreaker / Swordmaster / KotBS and Marauder & White Lion), 12 careers involving melee and that raises it up to 14 if we add the melee DPS careers to be added later. That’s quite a lot to be honest.

That leaves us with the following careers being on the ranged side : Shaman & Archmage, Zealot & Runepriest, Squig Herder & Shadow Warrior, Magus & Engineer and Sorcerer & Bright Wizard.

Maybe it is because I’m a caster lover but I’d really like seeing Mythic add more casters careers, if you take for example DAoC they had plenty of them and that helps to add more flavor to the game, more diversity.

In conclusion I think it does not really bother me having so many melee careers, after all they are awesome as well, I play a Marauder I know what I’m saying. But if Mythic could add more casters sometimes later, in the next expansion for example, that would be nice! Please?

30 years ago…

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on 22 October, 2008 by Leo

Thirty years ago some geeks decided to create a “Multi User Dungeon” to have fun in, MUD were born. That type of game was the starting point of MMORPG, which was introduced by Richard Gariott, the creator of the infamous “Ultima Online” on which I spent way too many hours, slashing trolls, PKing and generally having fun. This for me started my MMO career back in 1997 when I was a wee lad. By the way Richard Gariott decided he had too much money so he traveled to space!

From Wikipedia:

In 1978 Roy Trubshaw, a student at Essex University in the UK, started working on a multi-user adventure game in the MACRO-10 assembly language for a DEC PDP-10. He named the game MUD (Multi-User Dungeon)

These guys were the first that created virtual worlds and without them MMO would not be the same!

Happy Birthday MUD!

Warhammer Age of The Old Republic

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on 22 October, 2008 by Leo

As many of you already heard Bioware & LucasArts teamed up to make the next Star Wars MMO. The game will be called “Star Wars : The Old Republic” and it will take place more than 3’500 years before the rise of Darth Vader and approximately 300 years after the “Knight of the Old Republic“. There’s not much information at the moment but you can go check their website and register for the newsletter here.

I hope they will be successful because working on an MMO is a tough job and they are only at the beginning of its development plus Bioware has not really any experience in this kind of games. Still they are an awesome company who made really great games. Just to name a few : Baldur’s Gate I & II, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars : Knight of the Old Republic, Mass Effect and they are working on Dragon Origins at the moment which is a solo RPG that looks promising.

I’ll be definitely keeping an eye on this one, the Star Wars universe is really interesting and Galaxies was not that successful so maybe this game will be able to feed fans of the genre who are suffering from hunger.