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Altdorf sacked on Averheim? Are you sure?

Posted in WAR - General with tags , , on 14 October, 2008 by Leo

I think people shouting that Averheim was the first server to capture Altdorf are wrong and do not actually understand how the system works. A post by Andy of Mythic explains what must be done to capture the city in this post. I’ll quote what he says here :

Keep in mind that a city capture is a long, multi-stage process that requires all of the following be satisfied:

  • You must capture two fortresses in tier 4 within 12 hours of each other.
  • To capture those fortresses, you must seize and hold the neutral tier 4 and your opponent’s zone in two of the three racial pairings (after which you only have 60 minutes to capture said racial fortress).

After all of this you fight in a contested, not captured, Altdorf/Inevitable City for control of the city, much in the same manner as a regular zone would be. In the case of Altdorf, after you have secured the city and the defending force is ejected from the city you have one hour to complete the Bright Wizard College and Sigmar’s Temple public quests. In the case of The Inevitable City,The Monolith and The Sacellum. Should you fail to beat these two Encounters within the hour, the city will be reopened to the defenders and they will be allowed to wipe out any attackers left in their City.

  • If you complete the two Encounters as an attacker however, you lock the city down for 20 -24 hours and get access to the King Instance..
  • Contribution points towards the capture of a city are scaled based on the population of both sides, not just one lump sum. This ensures that a defending force with smaller numbers has a fighting chance to hold off the invaders. However, you can overcome the scaling with a sufficiently large force.

In this enormous thread on Warhammer Alliance many Destruction players, including the raid leader of the PRX guild claim having “captured” the city of Altdorf. Actually this is wrong they did not capture the city at all, they mainly succeeded at turning it contested and complete the scenario part. But if you read the explanation quote above you notice that to actually capture the city you have to either complete the Bright Wizard College and Sigmar’s Temple or The Monolith and The Sacellum public quests.

Apparently this was not the case because in this same thread someone says that the timer ran out after they took the temple. At this time the city could not get captured anymore!

Anyway I guess these guys deserve a congrats, they somehow managed to get 300 people wake up early on a Sunday to play a video game, that is quite a performance.

Mythic already stated that they are going to do some fix because some aspect of this capital city siege were not working as intended. Let’s all stay tuned for the next, this time I hope, REAL capital city capture. Show me the emperor head on a pike or it did not happen!