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Posted in WAR - General with tags on 3 November, 2008 by Leo

That’s right, on the 1st November my free time of WAR ended. Of course I resubbed immediately, I can’t say I have an enormous love affair with the game but it has some stuffs right and I enjoy playing it with my mate. It still have issues that have to be fixed and that are annoying, since patch 1.1 I’ve been having CTD’s almost every hour and it’s really not fun when you are trying to complete a dungeon. I have faith in Mythic and I want them to succeed!

Like I said in my previous post I’ve been playing a bit of Dead Space, which by the way is really awesome, a mini review will probably happen sometimes, and Fallout 3 + NHL 09 should arrive soon. Obviously WAR is not my only game these days but I like getting back to it. I want to hit Tier4 and see how that looks still so we are still motivated! At the moment me and my mate’s Disciple of Khaine are respectively Rank25 and 26 so things are going well, we’ve been doing some Gunbad, scenarios and questing.

I hope that the servers transfer will be available for Europe soon because my server looks a bit too empty for my liking. I’m looking forward for the futur fixes, my main issue at the moment is more on the technical sides all these CTD’s and stuttering really has to go because it is annoying to play the game with them.

Some fine chap over at FreddysHouse started a petition for GOA to change their flash website to something better and less demanding on the resources. You should all sign it if you, like me, find the website to be crap. Here. Magnus already answered the community, here is what he had to say :

I’ve passed this petition along to people within GOA and we’ll be following it. Not that it’s really needed – we’re keenly aware of the general perception of our webpage as it is.

Obviously, Community Management have compiled many reports on this topic and we’ve continuously worked for a change. Events have recently taken a turn for the better and I’ve gained renewed hope for a real change. There’s really nothing conclusive I can share on this at the moment but I certainly will as soon as I’m in liberty to do so.

Do know that this is something close to my heart and we’re pulling all the strings we can here.

Hope that we will see changes soon.