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More melee?

Posted in WAR - General with tags on 23 October, 2008 by Leo

Recently I’ve been reading the Ten Ton Hammer interview (part 1, part 2) of Mark Jacobs commenting on the State of the Game. This got me thinking about the careers they are going to add to the game, the Black Guard and the Knight of the Blazing Sun. It is in my opinion a good move because some Order players apparently need the possibility to play a human tank and I was always a big fan of “Weak Dark Elf with awesome armor and weapons”.

More tanks is better in my opinion, because War is one of a few MMO that puts tank not only to use in PvE but in RvR as well, they can take a huge amount of damage and they can effectively block other players from attaining support. They have those awesome defensive abilities that help tremendously and they generally help to hold some kind of front line allowing ranged Dps to do some serious damage.

Maybe you already played a scenario with no tanks, if you did you can confirm that it is often a painful experience. All this to say that adding these two tank careers is a smart move that could held more players to play Order and help to balance the sides population.

The thing is that the other two careers that were supposed to be available at launch were the greenskin “Choppa” and the dwarf “Hammerer”. These careers will be brought back in the game but in the interview Mark says the following :

Let me put it this way, I know what one of them is going to be, and I’m not 100% sure about the second.

One of them is going in for sure and there is a lot of speculation about the other. Some people are saying that the Hammerer might be replaced by something else, the Slayer could be a possibility which would add another cool career to the Order side going further in the same direction as adding the KotBS, yes I like abbreviations.

Since one of the two careers will for sure be a melee DPS we can assume that the other one will also be. That means they will add another two melee career to the already existing lot (Witch Elf & Witch Hunter, Disciple of Khaine & War Priest, Black Orc / Chosen / Black Guard & Ironbreaker / Swordmaster / KotBS and Marauder & White Lion), 12 careers involving melee and that raises it up to 14 if we add the melee DPS careers to be added later. That’s quite a lot to be honest.

That leaves us with the following careers being on the ranged side : Shaman & Archmage, Zealot & Runepriest, Squig Herder & Shadow Warrior, Magus & Engineer and Sorcerer & Bright Wizard.

Maybe it is because I’m a caster lover but I’d really like seeing Mythic add more casters careers, if you take for example DAoC they had plenty of them and that helps to add more flavor to the game, more diversity.

In conclusion I think it does not really bother me having so many melee careers, after all they are awesome as well, I play a Marauder I know what I’m saying. But if Mythic could add more casters sometimes later, in the next expansion for example, that would be nice! Please?